About The Show

Ethel Barrymore Theatre
First Preview: Oct 03, 2008
Opening Date: Oct 23, 2008
Closing Date: Feb 22, 2009

Cast & Creative Team

Raul Esparza (Charlie Fox)
Elisabeth Moss (Karen)
Jeremy Piven (Bobby Gould)
Norbert Leo Butz (Bobby Gould)
William H. Macy (Bobby Gould)
David Mamet(Playwright)
Neil Pepe(Director)
Scott Pask(Scenic Design)
Laura Bauer(Costume Design)
Brian MacDevitt(Lighting Design)

Enter the world of Mamet. Come see the sexy world of Hollywood in all its sizzling brutality. From the author of Glengarry Glen Ross, Romance, Oleanna, and “The Untouchables,” came the 20th anniversary revival of Speed-The-Plow.

This exciting new take on Mamet’s scathing portrait of the film industry and the people who are willing to sell their souls for sex, fame and fortune played arrived on Broadway in October 2008. Sparks fly between producer Charlie Fox and production exec Bobby Gould as they spin Hollywood upside down. Their 20-year friendship and business relationship undergoes a test of loyalty when delectably innocent and Karen, the temporary secretary comes between their potential project with an agenda of her own.