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Written by Joshua Harmon
Directed by Trip Cullman
Location: The Booth Theatre
Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes including intermission
First Preview: February 14, 2017
Opening Night: March 2, 2017

Cast & Creative Team

Creative Team
Gideon Glick (Jordan Berman)
Barbara Barrie (Helene)
John Behlmann (Will/Conrad/Tony)
Sas Goldberg (Kiki)
Lindsay Mendez (Laura)
Rebecca Naomi Jones (Vanessa)
Luke Smith (Zach/Evan/Roger)

Joshua Harmon (Playwright)
Trip Cullman (Director)


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SignificantOtherBway0022r-lores: Gideon Glick, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Lindsay Mendez. SignificantOtherBway0037r-lores: Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0040r-lores: Gideon Glick and Lindsay Mendez. SignificantOtherBway0047r-lores: Sas Goldeberg, Lindsay Mendez, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0050r-lores: Gideon Glick, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Sas Goldberg and Lindsay Mendez. SignificantOtherBway0065r-lores: John Behlmann and Lindsay Mendez. SignificantOtherBway0068r-lores: Luke Smith, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Gideon Glick, Sas Goldberg and John Behlmann. SignificantOtherBway0070r-lores: Lindsay Mendez, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Sas Goldberg. SignificantOtherBway0077r-lores: Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0091r0-lores: Lindsay Mendez and Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0117r-lores: Barbara Barrie and Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0121r-lores: Barbara Barrie and Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0140r-lores: John Behlmann and Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0149r-lores: Barbara Barrie SignificantOtherBway0158r-lores: Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0162r-lores: Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0169r-lores: Sas Goldberg, Gideon Glick, and Rebecca Naomi Jones SignificantOtherBway0186r-lores: Luke Smith and Gideon Glick. SignificantOtherBway0540r-lores: Sas Goldberg, Gideon Glick, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Luke Smith.

Production Photos by Joan Marcus.