All The Way

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Written by Robert Schenkkan
Directed by Bill Rauch
Location: The Neil Simon Theatre, 250 West 52nd Street
Running Time: 3 hours, one intermission
First Preview: February 10, 2014
Opening Night: March 06, 2014
Final Performance: June 29, 2014

Cast & Creative Team

Bryan Cranston (President Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Eric Lenox Abrams (Bob Moses, David Dennis)
Betsy Aidem (Lady Bird Johnson, Katharine Graham, Rep. Katharine St. George, R-NY)
J. Bernard Calloway (Rev. Ralph Abernathy, White House Aide/Butler)
Rob Campbell (Gov. George Wallace, D-AL, Rep. James Corman, D-CA, Joseph Alsop, Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-MT, Walter Reuther)
Brandon J. Dirden (Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
James Eckhouse (Robert McNamara, Sen. James Eastland, D-MS, Rep. William Moore McCulloch, R-OH, Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr., D-MS)
Peter Jay Fernandez (Roy Wilkins, Shoeshiner, Aaron Henry)
Christopher Gurr (Sen. Strom Thurmond, D-SC, White House Aide/Butler)
William Jackson Harper (James Harrison, Stokely Carmichael)
Michael McKean (J. Edgar Hoover, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WV)
John McMartin (Sen. Richard Russell, D-GA)
Christopher Liam Moore (Walter Jenkins, Rep. William Colmer, D-MS)
Robert Petkoff (Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-MN)
Ethan Phillips (Stanley Levison, Rep. John McCormack, D-MA, Seymore Trammell, Rev. Edwin King)
Richard Poe (Cartha "Deke" DeLoach, Rep. Howard "Judge" Smith, D-VA, Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-IL, Gov. Carl Sanders, D-GA)
Roslyn Ruff (Coretta Scott King, Fannie Lou Hamer)
Susannah Schulman ( Secretary, Lurleen Wallace, Muriel Humphrey, Sen. Maurine Neuberger, D-OR)
Bill Timoney (Sen. Karl Mundt, R-SD, White House Aide/Butler)
Steve Vinovich (Rep. Emanuel Celler, D-NY, White House Aide/Butler

Robert Schenkkan (Playwright)
Bill Rauch (Director)
Christopher Acebo (Scenic Design)
Deborah M. Dryen (Costume Design)
Jane Cox (Lighting Design)

Starring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) in a 2014 Tony-nominated performance as President Lyndon B. Johnson, All the Way is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Schenkkan and directed by Bill Rauch.

All the Way takes audiences behind the doors of the Oval Office and inside the first year of Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency and his fight to pass a landmark civil rights bill. In addition to Cranston, All the Way features Eric Lenox Abrams, Betsy Aidem, J. Bernard Calloway, Rob Campbell, Brandon J. Dirden, James Eckhouse, Peter Jay Fernandez, Christopher Gurr, William Jackson Harper, Michael McKean, John McMartin, Christopher Liam Moore, Robert Petkoff, Ethan Phillips, Richard Poe, Roslyn Ruff, Susannah Schulman, Bill Timoney and Steve Vinovich.

Originally presented at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and subsequently at the American Repertory Theater, All the Way is produced on Broadway by Jeffrey Richards, Louise Gund, Jerry Frankel, Stephanie P. McClelland, Double Gemini Productions, Rebecca Gold, Scott M. Delman, Barbara H. Freitag, Harvey Weinstein, Gene Korf, William Berlind, Caiola Productions, Gutterman Chernoff, Jam Theatricals, Gabrielle Palitz, Cheryl Wiesenfeld and Will Trice.

The production team also includes Christopher Acebo (scenic designer), Deborah M. Dryden (costume designer), Jane Cox (lighting designer), Paul James Prendergast (composition and sound design), Shawn Sagady (video projections), Wendall K. Harrington (projection design consultant), Paul Huntley (hair & wig design), Peter Fitzgerald (sound consultant), Tom Bryant (dramaturg) and Telsey + Company William Cantler, CSA (casting).