James Forbes Sheehan

James Forbes Sheehan, Assistant Producer

Why theatre? When I was a little kid, my grandparents played the records (yes, records) of shows like My Fair Lady, and I was instantly hooked. My love of theatre was re-affirmed when I was in my first show (The King and I in fifth grade) and when I came to New York City for the first time (to see The Producers at age 13). It’s still re-affirmed almost every day.

Favorite Broadway moment? Working with brilliant people.

Your Showtune Inspired Autobiography Title. “Life was fun but oh so intense”

I would definitely be a Triple Threat, if Triple Threat meant: Drinking coffee, turning my cell phone off in the theatre, and glaring at other people when their cell phones ring in the theatre.

Who Inspires You? People who are willing to take risks in this business: Writers and directors who challenge the form, producers who believe in them, and audiences who make it all worthwhile.